A Note For Us Ladies


The wind thrust her body in and her ethereal regal presence hushed the room. Her walk was light like a cloud yet her aura was boisterous and commanded attention and respect. With every stride and with every clonk of her heels she struck attention, interest and curiosity.

Her hair, natural and beautiful, seemed to carry a glowing halo. It was as if a sunroof suddenly appeared atop the conference room and the sun shone presenting its prize. Even though pinned and coiffed the vibrancy and healthiness beamed through. It was either the oil in her hair or the oil on her perfectly browned body, but the aroma was just wholesome.

It was the kind of aroma that reaches out to you with soft fingers and closes your eyes. When your eyes close your sense of smell is keener and her scent becomes just that much sweeter. Aromatherapy works well for her.

Her makeup was great. Her face was beat like what the Spurs did to the Heat! Makeup was perfectly blended. Eyebrows arched better than McDonald’s and colors as were vibrant.



She walked in the usual drama queen. “Fashionably late.” Everyone was on time for the meeting except for her. She didn’t walk in quietly either. She walked in with no grace and as loud as thunder click clacking her heels. The entire room turned to see who the tactless culprit was. Who shows up to a formal event looking that way?

She was the perfect example of what not to do with natural hair. It seemed to just sit on top of her head. Straighten in, throw a headband or some sort of decorative pin in it. Something. People are taking this “natural” trend too seriously. I’m over it.

She smells like one of those oil and soap shops. A mom and pop, whole foods, all natural store. Invest in quality scents. Polo Blue, Chanel, a Clive Christian scent she should be able to afford it. Once again when taking it natural goes too far.

The one thing that wasn’t natural was her makeup. It was caked on like a child spreads peanut butter on bread. You know how children do when they take a cup of peanut butter and plop it on bread so that the bread and peanut butter itself stands 3 inches high. Her eyebrows are so dark and overdrawn they literally spell out EYEBROWS.


…And this is why ladies we must always walk to the beat of our own drum. No matter how perfectly put together someone is, no matter the height of their success whether public or personal someone will always be there to negatively critique it mostly because their misery loves company. Or maybe because they are so insecure and overly critical of themselves that to distract them from any “imperfections” of their own they must find imperfections in others. However ladies, how perfect does it make you that you can always find an imperfection in things? The most important above all is to maintain confidence and to raise your self esteem higher than anyone else’s words could reach. You’ll never be perfect in some people’s eyes. You’re either morbidly fat, sickly thin, too flat chested or too boobilicious, to flat bottomed or have an injection inflated ass. Someone will always have something to say. Live your own life. Focus on your life and watch how little time you have to watch someone else’s.


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