Power In The Locks

Hair is more than just an expression of creativity. Keeping ones hair neat and groomed has more value than vanity. Power is in the locks. There are many beliefs and folklore concerning hair to prove it.

Christians are well aware of the Samson and Delilah Bible story. Samson was overcome by his nation’s enemies only after being seduced by a woman who found out that the secrets to his strength and power were in his 7 locks. She lulled him to sleep and in that instance had men shave his hair. Only then was he defeated. Samson was helped by God and granted justice against them. After being imprisoned for a time his hair had began to grow again and with God’s will he was able to then vanquish his captors.

Many believe in the “superstition” that after brushing/combing one’s hair that you should burn it so that no one could collect it and put a root (curse) on you. In another culture the “superstition” is that if a bird finds pieces of your hair and makes a nest of it, that you will die within the next year. The basis of these stories is that hair is an extension of the soul (Native Americans believe this also by the way). So in handling someone’s hair you have the essence of that person’s soul. In cursing a person’s hair you are cursing their soul. It’s no wonder that when someone plays in, strokes and caresses your hair with a loving and caring intent that your soul is tickled. You can feel tingling in your chest. You can feel that vibration spread throughout your body and it closes your eyes and induces your lungs to take in a deep calming breath. There are many more accompanying superstitions and legends that follow the allure of hair.

There are some that believe dreadlocks are the antenna to the universe and/or God. They believe that with the locks come a heightened subconscious awareness and stronger spirituality. Some believe the longer one’s locks the more wisdom they carry. Locked in these fibers of hair are the stories of it’s carrier. It stores a record of energy, tomes of events, emotions, and circumstances. It serves as a pantry for every tear and every giggle. Whereas most people shed their hair and comb/brush it out my loc’d nation keeps it as a souvenir.

Hair is also a manifestation of the state of the mind and body. Stress (mental and physical) and malnutrition (including crash/fad diets) can make your hair thinner or turn gray. It could stunt the growth of hair or make it fall out. Foods good for your hair include those rich in protein, selenium, and omega-3 fatty acids. WebMD says foods good for your hair are also good for your HEART. Go figure. Health does not only include what you eat and how well you handle stress but also smoking, sleep and exercise could all affect the health of your hair.

Many black people feel that their natural hair, locked or not, represent strength. They feel like not conforming to a “european look” is embracing their ethnic roots and gives them freedom.

I myself feel that hair holds energy. I believe also that it is a transducer of energy. I rarely let people touch my hair. Mainly because I’m not sure what kind of energy they hold at the time. Someone may have negative energy or may be harboring ill feelings and transfer that to me through my hair. I have also noticed that if I keep my head covered for a few days (in essence letting energy build up and holding the energy atop my head like a reservoir) and let it out after, more people are drawn to me, more people open up to have conversations and more people compliment my hair. Whether people realize it, recognize it as such or not, hair holds the energy of that person’s life. Many women feeling they “need a change” or want to “switch it up” decide to cut their hair. Spiritually I believe what is happening is that they want to shed and dispose of the bad energy that they are currently harboring. It is the same concept with people who have dreads. You’ll often hear from those with dreadlocks say that they want to cut their hair to “start over” or in order to enter into a new phase of life. It is because they are weary of the energy weaved into their hair.

Beware of making the statement that “it’s just hair.” It is the crowning glory for both women and men alike. Beware of being too familiar with others’ hair.


3 thoughts on “Power In The Locks

  1. After I went natural, I too, also felt that your hair is a conductor of energy related to the energy of the universe with longer hair indicating a greater heightened awareness and spirituality. I attempted locs in 2008 only to take them out six months later. The person who put them in, her life was in a tailspin and I felt myself becoming unduly stressed for reasons I could not quite determine. The locs had to go…I felt like a big load was taken off of me when I did that so I hold strong in the belief that your hair does indeed hold energy and is a transducer of energy. She (a family member) was only the second person I have ever let style my hair since going natural as I am very particular as well about the type of energy people carry in their embodiment. I really appreciate seeing someone else express this view. My husband agrees but everyone else just looks at me with a blank stare when I explain why I don’t want them pulling on a coil or testing the fluffiness of my fro.


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