Whimsicality and Procrastination

I think I’m a great friend. I am reliable, honest, fun and supportive. I’m a responsible friend as well. No one would ever be able to say that hanging out with me is asking for trouble. However what I am not, is a friend one should come to for advice on something they NEED to do versus something they WANT to do. And definitely do not come to me for advice about planning ahead for things. I will just tell you to plan to do nothing until the last minute.


I’m a Sagittarius, sun sign AND moon sign. I just wasn’t built that way. I’m impulsive and have been diagnosed with red ball syndrome. Whenever the red ball bounces it pulls my focus from other things. I’m impulsive to my whims and fantasies. (Ah ha! This explains why my favorite movie is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory– what movie is more whimsical?). This is the definition of a free-spirit. And as far as procrastination I think I would wait until the last minute to do anything but eat… Why do you ask? Clearly I have better things to do other than what has to be done. I’m busy doing working on what I want to be done.


If a friend wants to jump off a bridge, I’m with it!! Let’s just buy you a parachute first. While we’re at it we might as well pick the highest bridge in the world. If you want to elope with Mr. Daydream on another planet, sure…as long as you’re safe and secure (prenup and all) I’ll be on that rocket with you, I’ll even countdown the time in T minus 60 seconds. However do not come to me to plan a wedding. I’ll give a hand in helping, hell I’ll give two hands and two feet but do not expect me to plan it. But it isn’t as bad as it sounds, this can come in handy also. I encourage my friends to push the envelope and not to let fears impede them. How would life be without living? I encourage them and myself to broaden horizons.


To some this nonchalant lifestyle may seem easy and cool but it is a struggle. I’m in my twenties and still learning how to be an “adult.” This attitude is fun and adventurous but it is not a good deal as far as life management. I am behind. It’s a struggle to break this habit and even more of a struggle to reach my goals because of it. Tracking my steps to a goal look like a zigzag rather than a straight line. I am a coach and mentor to high school kids and I would rather they see me as a Saint of Whimsicality and Procrastination. I wouldn’t be their example of what to do but rather an example of what NOT to do. Learn from my experiences.


(Writing 101 Day 1)


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